It is such a good practice to keep your car tyres in good conditions. As per Australian standards, driving a car with non-roadworthy tyres is illegal and dangerous too. As per car tyres expert's advice, it is very important to properly maintain your tyres because this will enhance your safety while driving as well as increase the performance, life of tyres and saves your money.


If you looking to keep your car driving experience safe and roadworthy for longer, you must ensure the proper maintenance of your tyres at all times. Through this blog, we are highlighting seven critical car tyre maintenance tips so you can drive confidently and safely.


1) Regular Inspection of Car Tyre Pressure:

While driving to get best performance outcome from your car, it is important to inflate your tyres properly. In case of over or under-inflated tyres, it will cause excessive fuel consumption and cost money. Properly inflated tyres protect against tyre damage and reduce the possibility that the will spin out of control. While checking tyre pressure, it is advisable to check car-tyre pressure once in a month. If you are planning to long road-trip then you should check tyre pressure before that.


2) Regular check to Tyre’s Tread-Depth

It is important to regularly inspect the tyre wear and tear on regular basis. Each tyre manufacturer highlights the tread wear marks on their car tyres, which helps you to regularly check the wear-status of your tyre. It is recommended to remove the tyres from service when they reach 1.6mm in tread depth. Maintaining the proper tread-depth is crucial because to have appropriate treads as the groves help in removing water at wet road-surface as well as reduce the risk of hydroplaning.  


3) Continuous check-up for damage & unusual wear & tear

It is always a good decision to personally look at car tyres to check any mark of unusual wear or damage. In the physical inspection, you can check cuts, bulges or any objects that have punctured the tyre. In case of any doubt, you can take the advice of professional mechanic or repaired if necessary. In case of any puncture while driving, replace your tyre with a spare one. But keep in mind that spare tyres are just for temporary use and it should be replaced with regular one as earliest.


4) Avoid Car Overloading

To get the best outcome from your car tyres, you should avoid tyres overloading. Tyre overloading is not good for tyre's health as well as dangerous while driving all the times. Tyre overloading is a straight compromise with the handling and it is the main reason behind the excessive tyre wear. According to Tyre manufacturing standards, most of the tyres are available with Tyre load-index mark. It will help you to know the recommended limit and safe handling of your car.


5) Wheel Alignment

Proper alignment of wheels plays an important role in optimum level car handling, safe driving and protects tyres from premature wear & tear. Sometimes it becomes necessary to check the wheel alignment from wheel alignment specialist when the car has done long speedy road-trip, encountering potholes and undulations.


6) Tyre Rotation in particular Time Period

After a particular time period, it is recommended to rotation of tyre for a uniform tyre tread wear on all wheel position to get ideal tyre life. Wheel alignment, balancing and suspension must be checked before the rotation of tyres.


7) Keep proper driving habits

Driving habits play a crucial role in the tyre-life. So, for proper vehicle maintenance and tyre care, it is very important for car-drivers to keep good driving habits. Unnecessary & quick braking, acceleration while driving and frequent start & stop habits makes negative impacts on car tyres. Due to that tyre's wear-out more quickly. In the good driving habits, a person should avoid rash driving, uneven road surfaces, potholes and safe driving on speed bumps. 


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