Right in the middle of a busy lifestyle and traffic struggles and hustles, online shopping is like a beacon of light on a dark night. Connecting to the virtual world has given us many opportunities and access to useful products, services and information. The trend is progressing every second as it saves time and money.

It is so effortless to purchase anything on the internet, even a car tyre. That being said, products bought online usually take 5-6 days to deliver to your location. In the case of tyres, does that mean you can’t drive your car for good 5-6 days?

A functional tyre is an essential part of your car if you want to go place and they are usually only noticed when they are no longer functional. So how do you take advantage of online prices without waiting for delivery times? Simple! Buy locally at online prices!

Car Tyres and You takes this demand of yours into consideration, where you can buy the tyre online from our local licensed centres.

If you are still evaluating the advantages of buying tyres locally at online prices over buying it online from remotely located stores, the following points will help with your choice:

Same-Day Fitment Service:

How soon you want a tyre fitted, often depends on the situation you are in. If you notice a flat tyre, then you want the tyre fitted the same day, It is emergency situations like these that most tyre dealers take advantage of as they know you are not in a situation to shop around. Car Tyres and you offer tyres at online prices in store all day every day so you can be certain you are getting a great deal no matter what the circumstances.

Hassle-Free Returns:

Returns and refunds are a tough task to follow through when you buy online. Calling up customer service people you have never met is a hassle as they really have no reason to be interested in your problems, after all you bought the tyre online. It is much easier to deal with a local who wants your return business and has a vested interest in helping you.

No Shipping or Handling Charges:

This often annoys the customer, right when they know the order total, some hidden cost is added at the end of the checkout process in terms of shipping or handling charges. But when you buy locally no such costs are added and you know you are being looked after.

No Item Loss in Transit:

Remotely located warehouses often come across this problem while dispatching the products to their respective addresses, but such chances are null and void in the local online purchase.

Added Benefits:

Your local online store is all about customer satisfaction. Licensed vehicle testers like CarTyres&You, not only offer the facility of buying tyres online, but also provide a free lifetime puncture repair guarantee, fitting and balancing, and they equip your tyre with new valves. We also ensure your old tyres are recycled and not sent to landfill.

Easy communication:

The point of contact between the customers and local tyre services at online prices are more as compared to the remotely located warehouses operating online.


In case of more information and assistance regarding your tyre size, fitment and other requirements of your vehicle, give us a call or visit your nearest centre.



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