Geolandar H/T G056 Tyre

Tyre Details

The Geolandar H/T G056 is Yokohama's highway terrain tyre, designed for a comfortable drive. It is best for drivers of four-wheel drives and SUVs who spend limited time off-road and are looking for a quiet, comfortable ride with long tread life. Featuring a multi-combination tyre compound, it enhances wet traction, provides better fuel efficiency and improves tread life by up to 21%* compared to the previous model, the Geolandar HT/S G051, that it replaces. The Geolandar H/T G056 is also covered under Yokohama's Free Road Hazard Protection, available when you purchase two or more at a participating Yokohama authorised dealer.

Key Features

  • 5-Pitch Variation - reduces tyre noise.
  • Multiple lug grooves - generate high traction on wet road surfaces.
  • 4 main Zigzag grooves - improve traction and provides excellent hydroplaning resistance. It also offers a deeper tread depth for better wear performance.
  • Adaptive shoulder blocks - reduce tread noise and promotes even wear.

Performance Category: Comfort Suv

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Pattern: Geolandar H/T G056

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Available Sizes

215/70R15 98H98H Call for price
235/75R15 109H109H Call for price
255/70R15 112/110S112/110S Call for price
265/70R15 112H112H Call for price
245/70R16 111H111H Call for price
255/65R16 109H109H Call for price
255/70R16 111H111H Call for price
265/70R16 112H112H Call for price
265/75R16 116H116H Call for price
275/70R16 114H114H Call for price
225/70R17 108T108T Call for price
255/65R17 114H114H Call for price
265/65R17 112H112H Call for price
265/70R17 115S115S Call for price
275/65R17 115H115H Call for price
285/65R17 116H116H Call for price
255/60R18 108H108H Call for price
255/60R18 112V112V Call for price
265/60R18 110H110H Call for price
275/60R18 113H113H Call for price
285/60R18 116H116H Call for price
285/50R20 112V112V Call for price

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